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trAuss Shuffle Map - places where Shufflers are Shuffling with trAuss Shuffle Wear

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There are more exciting features for you to explore!


  • Gallery of photos submitted by Shufflers - you can even upload one yourself!
  • trAuss Map displays places from all around the World where Shufflers are Shuffling in trAuss gear
  • Feedback is very important to us! See how you can share your thoughts.
  • Subscribe to news and we'll make sure you won't miss any new design/feature.
  • FAQ section is still humble, but don't hesitate to write down your question in the comments and we'll provide an answer asap!
  • Contact Us in case you need help or have some suggestions, etc... or simply to say hello ;)


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OBEY (8 months ago)
   awesome :D
Robin's Custom Hoodie
xeixei12 (11 months ago)
   How can i buy it?
Phlow The Shuffler (12 months ago)
   These are great i want one now! :shuffler:
Fairy Tail Shuffle Phats
Rachel Hooper (1 year ago)
   I really really want these! How much are they?! I must have them I love Fairy Tail and Natsu the Fire ...
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Hardstyle Shuffle Freedom []

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